Inevitable Adoption of Bitcoin

Fidelity states that almost all of their biggest clients are seeking Bitcoin exposure. They have also been investing heavily into Bitcoin mining company MMarathon Digital Holdings. They’ve added this exposure to Bitcoin mining across multiple investment vehicles including; Fidelity Series Total Market Index Fund (FCFMX), Fidelity Extended Market Index Fund (FSMAX), Fidelity Total Market Index Fund (FSKAX), and the Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Fund (FNCFX)

“In an interview with Boston Globe, Fidelity’s Head of Sales Christine Sandler said that the firm is dealing more with traditional investors, and the entry vehicle to this space is largely Bitcoin.”

These actions, from one of the largest asset managers in the traditional finance and investing space, point to a positive future for Bitcoin. This inevitable adoption of Bitcoin is on course to shift the paradigm of the financial world and the global economy.


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