Beginning Bitcoin Resources

Are you looking for information about Bitcoin? Trying to find out more but keep getting bogged down in too much information that is over your head? If so, then this page may help. I’ve tried to gather some beginning Bitcoin resources to help you get started. Personally I found these articles and videos really helpful. They set in place a basic foundation for my own education on Bitcoin.

One of the most common acronyms in Bitcoin is DYOR; Do Your Own Research. There is a ton of fantastic, high quality content being produced daily by some of the brightest minds from around the world and most of it is available for free. This list is merely a starting point to get you familiar with the basics as you begin your journey “down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.”

Bitcoin for Beginners

A great resource by Andreas Antonopoulos for folks newly interested in Bitcoin who want a basic, straightforward overview of the general aspects of bitcoin and the Bitcoin network. He is the author of 5 books and hosts a ton of free educational material on his website.

What is Bitcoin?

A very detailed article by Yan Pritzker explaining what Bitcoin is. Yan is the co-founder and CTO at Swan Bitcoin, and they have a really expansive collection of Bitcoin educational material.

Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Money

Parker Lewis of Unchained Capital writes in depth article about Bitcoin as the most sound monetary instrument ever. He presents a broad view of money, it’s role in society, and why Bitcoin is better than any of the alternatives.

The Bitcoin Standard Book

The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous is a MUST READ for any beginning bitcoiner. His book reviews the history of money and the problems that have plagued civilization because of our ability to manipulate money. He places the digital asset in the context of history and presents an argument of how Bitcoin can solve these problems as the soundest money man has ever known.

Why Bitcoin?

More material from Andreas Antonopoulos. In this podcast, he discusses why we need Bitcoin and why it is important. Also, the What Bitcoin Did show by Peter McCormack is an excellent podcast. He continues to host many of the top minds, developers, and influencers in the Bitcoin space.

Addressing Bitcoin Criticisms

Ria Bhutoria, Director of Research at Fidelity Digital Assets addresses common and recurring misconceptions and criticisms of Bitcoin. He lays out strong counter arguments by illustrating Bitcoin’s actual properties and using supporting ideas from the traditional financial world.