Fidelity Bitcoin Analysis

Fidelity has been interested in Bitcoin for quite a while now. They have a division dedicated to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies called Fidelity Digital Assets. They periodically produce some of the best research material and data on the digital asset class from an institutional perspective. Recently Fidelity hosted a webinar, and some of the data displayed was very informative. They lean heavily on macro themes when discussing the digital space and give an intelligent placement of Bitcoin in the overall financial environment. The webinar was presented by Fidelityโ€™s Director of Global Macroย Jurrien Timmer.

Fidelity Stock to Flow

Interestingly, Fidelity has an S2F chart and yet gives no credit to PlanB (@100trillionUSD). I believe that is his model. You can see it here. But, Fidelity’s S2F chart is pretty clear and seems to be foundational to a lot of the research they produce. I, for one, find it refreshing to see a positive outlook from a behemoth investment firm from the traditional finance world. Below are a few more of the charts from this presentation.